BMT Associates

BMT’s reputation for delivering innovative defence solutions within naval and land domains could only be achieved through the high calibre people we employ. BMT Associates are a part of this.

Our Associates network brings together a range of independent, experienced individuals who offer support to BMT on a project-by-project basis. With over 1000 years of combined experience, these valued contributors enable us to offer our customers valued insight of the acquisition of complex and innovative defence capability solutions. 

BMT Associate Projects

BMT Associates have played a key role in many of our projects including:

Royal Navy Submarine Programmes

A number of BMT Associates were actively involved in the Vanguard class submarine design and build programme, being responsible for major engineering design decisions. Their invaluable experience has supported the latest series of submarine design option studies, which has provided assurance and risk mitigation to the MOD team.

Design reviews of BMT’s MARS Fleet Tanker bid design

The experience of our associates has been used to review the key design features of the BMT MARS Fleet Tanker to inject confidence in the design’s compliancy with the customer’s specification and requirement.

EDA Personnel Recovery Equipment Study

BMT Associates have provided subject matter expertise and strategic advice on personnel recovery. This required extensive military-operational experience of search and rescue missions, combat search and rescue concepts, doctrine and architectures, which the Associates offered.

If you would like to engage with one of the BMT associates, please contact us on 01225
473636 or email

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