Early 20th Century image of ship model testing at the National Physical Laboratory water tank

The History of BMT

Although our goals are set on advancing the future of defence design and engineering, BMT is grounded on a strong heritage within maritime research and technology.

Established in 1985, BMT was formed when the British Ship Research Association (BSRA) merged with the National Maritime Institute (NMI), whose histories go as far back as the early 20th Century. 

Most notably, the BSRA was founded by Charles Parsons, the inventor behind the steam turbine. His turbine design delivered Turbinia to the Royal Navy in 1897 and was developed and integrated within HMS Dreadnought, whose 1906 launch marked the first modern battleship and revolutionised naval technology.

BMT Defence Services is proud of its ties to Bath because not only is the city a UNESCO heritage site, it was also home to Lord Nelson between 1758 and 1805 and has historical links to the Admiralty. During the Second World War, the Admiralty headquarters were based in Whitehall, London, but was evacuated in 1939 to what is now the Old Empire Hotel in Bath. The Admiralty later became the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and as a result kept MOD locations in Bath with sites at Foxhill and Ensleigh.

BMT's dedication to our people and our customers allow us to continue pioneering within the defence sector, whether that’s designing the world’s most advanced platform concepts or providing high quality research into vessel fuel efficiency.

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Bath In Motion

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