BMT Design Portfolio

BMT are constantly challenging the design capability within our multi-disciplinary project teams. Focusing on innovation and the application of new technologies, BMT InSpira® co-ordinates R&D efforts towards new and emerging markets.

  • Caimen-200, BMT's design for a fast landing craft tank lands tanks on beach

    BMT CAIMEN® Landing Craft

    BMT'S CAIMEN range of amphibious vessels has been developed by BMT Defence Services to achieve a cost effective platform whose capability offers increased speed, safety and vessel design flexibility.

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  • Conceptual drawing of the Aegir-18R Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) design

    BMT Aegir Logistic Support Vessels

    Our Aegir family of logistic support vessels provides an environmentally compliant family of auxiliary ship designs that BMT can customise to specific client requirements.

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  • Salvas, BMT’s Submarine Rescue Ship design, view from the bow

    SALVAS Utility Auxiliary Vessel Ship

    SALVAS, a specialist utility auxiliary vessel from BMT, is designed to host mission modules that may include built-in or portable Submarine Rescue Systems (SRS).

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  • Vidar-36 launches missile, BMT's design for an affordable ocean-going conventional submarine

    BMT VIDAR® Submarines

    The VIDAR family of conventional submarine designs showcases comprehensive understanding of requirements, technology and cost while offering a range of high capability design for affordable military effect.

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  • The SSGT high mobility submarine design developed by BMT Defence Services

    BMT SSGT® Submarine

    BMT's SSGT Submarine is a high mobility concept, designed with gas turbine power for range, speed and endurance.

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