BMT SALVAS® Utility Auxiliary Ship

SALVAS, BMT’s utility auxiliary ship design, is a specialist vessel that has been developed to combat the complexity of maritime operations.

BMT can customise the baseline platform to meet specific naval requirements, including survivability, communications and self defence features.

This vessel helps deliver maximum utilisation and return on investment through it's flexibility to undertake multiple missions including: 

  • salvage and towing
  • fire-fighting
  • Search and Rescue
  • maintenance and repair
  • humanitarian aid and disaster relief
  • diving support
  • special forces operations
  • EEZ protection
  • pollution clean-up and research

Underwriting a commitment to submarine rescue, BMT's SALVAS offers options to host built-in or portable Submarine Rescue Systems (SRS) from any supplier, allowing the ship’s layout to be optimised in order to facilitate the flow of rescuees from the rescue vehicle or water into decompression and to the built-in medical complex. A helicopter deck has also been added to extend the capability of the platform.

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Useful Information

Reconfigurable mission bay with handling and deployment systems
Flight deck for medium helicopter, accessed by lift for CASEVAC and VERTREP
Boats and access platforms for rescuing casualties from the sea
Intervention ROV
Flexible accommodation for 125, including augmentees / rescues
Scalable medical facilities with medical ward for 4-25 people
Naval survivability features (if required), including naval damage stability, redundant systems and CBRN protection