BMT VIDAR® Submarines

BMT’s adaptable VIDAR SSK submarines encapsulate a range of high capability design characteristics geared towards delivering affordable military effect.

Developed using the extensive submarine expertise at BMT, the VIDAR family of conventional submarine designs showcases the comprehensive understanding of requirements, technology and costs required for effective submarine design.


BMT's VIDAR-36 submarine concept design is a high capable ocean-going platform designed with flexibility in mind and an emphasis on low risk and affordability.

This SSK submarine offers a number of versatile benefits including:

  • ocean-spanning reach and persistence
  • a high capability combat system, which accommodates refined sonar options as well as land attack, anti-surface, anti-submarine and special operations capabilities
  • competency in both deep water and the littoral, as well as being a silent and covert platform

Designed to be modified in line with the latest technological advances and to meet specific market requirements, VIDAR-36 offers modular payload options utilising current commercial and military off-the-shelf technologies and includes:

    • dry/wet deck hangar
    • reelable high frequency communications systems
    • Special Forces mission packages
    • reelable towed–array plus modular mast systems

The diesel electric propulsion may be complemented by an optional modular air independent propulsion (AIP) system.


VIDAR-7 is a small affordable SSK submarine concept designed to cover a multitude of covert roles and flexibly meet requirements within an increasingly challenging economic and operational climate.

This latest addition to the Vidar family is capable of covering a vast number of role including ASW, ASuW, ISR, Special Forces, training, coastguard, antipiracy and land strike operation and boasts:

  • Through-life cost minimisation
  • Minimum unit production costs and increased operability
  • Multi-Mission capable, achieved through reconfigurable spaces to suit customer needs
  • Tailorable AIP solutions to meet customer preference
  • Advanced Mission Effectiveness and Survivability
  • High Range & Endurance

The design philosophy behind VIDAR-7 takes advantage of COTS and MOTS technology in order to maximise availability, range and endurance, flexibility, payload capacity, stealth and survivability, emphasising the minimising of overall cost of ownership.

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Useful Information

Submerged displacement: 711-3,600 tonnes
Operating depth: 200 m+
Maximum submerged speed: 10-20 knots
Range: 4,000-9,000 nm (snorting), with extended range options