BMT VENATOR®-110 Frigate

VENATOR-110 Frigate is a flexible and tailorable modern warship, able to provide a spectrum of credible capability from Maritime Security to Warfighting worldwide at an affordable procurement cost.

VENATOR-110 combines lean manned and adaptable capability with the affordable procurement cost and dimensions of a Light Frigate. A ‘Middle Out’ design philosophy avoids the spiral of platform requirement escalation that can result in ever larger and more expensive warships.

BMT has identified a number of military specifications to meet the range of Navy and Coastguard requirements, leading to three VENATOR-110 design variations designed to suit specific roles and affordability. 

General Purpose Light Frigate

Designed to balance capability, survivability and cost, VENATOR-110 General Purpose Light Frigate fulfils a wide range of roles, from maritime security and boarding operations to credible combatant offensive and defensive capabilities globally.

Patrol Frigate

VENATOR-110 Patrol Frigate provides a maritime security and regional enforcement presence in a low threat environment.

Patrol Ship

The Patrol Ship is the lowest procurement cost variant of the VENATOR-110 and provides a maritime security presence in a low threat environment, ideal for coastguard applications.

Benefiting from BMT’s comprehensive expertise in naval design and procurement, VENATOR-110 is a highly flexible and tailorable modern warship. Reflecting doctrine of Navies around the world, VENATOR-110 represents a credible platform, able to deliver a wide spectrum of military capability at an affordable procurement cost. Following a significant design effort in conjunction with equipment and system suppliers, VENATOR-110 has been configured for modern construction and outfit in locations around the world.

More information on the VENATOR-110 can be found in our VENATOR-110 Technical Brief.

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Useful Information

Up to four large RHIBs,
Support to Unmanned Systems,
Credible Warfighting Capability,
Tailoring options to support a range of current and future aviation assets,
Additional reconfigurable C2 modules,
Mission Bay,
Replenishment At Sea.

Saab - BMT Technology Partner Proposal

Saab - BMT Technology Partner Proposal

Armada Nacional de la República de Colombia - Plataforma Estratégica de Superficie (PES) Programme - Colombian National Navy - Strategic Surface Platform: Future Frigate

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