The Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV) undergoing off-road trials

Acquisition Support

Having worked on a range of defence acquisition projects, BMT have developed innovative systems engineering techniques, which fulfil operational effectivity and affordability for our client's programmes.

Acquisition Support and Strategy | Technical Services | Design Support | Trials and Acceptance

Acquisition Support and Strategy

BMT's system engineering approach enables agility and flexibility to capability delivery, ensuring that all areas of the project are considered upfront, risks are identified and planned for, issues are resolved, and assumptions are realistic and justified.

Drawing on proven domain experience, BMT undertake comprehensive requirements engineering, acceptance planning and management tailored to the specific needs of each project from which clear, concise and speedy decisions can be made. Our experience to date includes:

  • Future Royal Navy Submarines (URD)
  • Foxhound (URD/SRD/Acceptance/PQQ & ITT Support)
  • Maritime Hydrographic Patrol Capability (Application of Systems Engineering Framework)

Technical Services

BMT offer technology management services through the process of independent technology identification, evaluation and selection using our knowledge in Through Life Management Planning (TLMP) and systems engineering. We engage with clients to identify and capture technology requirements across Defence Lines of Development (DLODs) and use our tools and approaches to give organisations a clear understanding of project and technology risk, whilst identifying and exploiting technology opportunities.

Design Support

A pragmatic ‘systems of systems’ approach provides structure through applied systems engineering, effective architecture design and systems analysis to the complex environment of defence.

At BMT, we understand systems from every point of view, encompassing strategic, organisational, operational and physical aspects. We also understand those factors which increase complexity such as new technologies, differing stakeholder requirements, reliance on embedded software, safety issues and integration.

 As part of BMT's design support, we offer a full systems analysis and architecture design capability, and have a broad experience of delivering quality outputs to assist in the development and modification of systems at a high level. Through this we help to avoid potential disruption and unforeseen costs at a later stage, making complex systems more affordable and effective.

Trials and Acceptance

Understanding the trials and acceptance requirements from the outset is key to ensure that offered solutions are tested against the customer’s requirements (capability, user and system). BMT Defence Services have a proven experience of the development of effective and efficient acceptance strategies in complex defence programmes. This includes the production of integrated test, evaluation and acceptance plans, associated verification and validation and the planning and execution of trials in UK and overseas.

Systems Engineering at BMT

Understand how our systems engineering team can support your defence programme.

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