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The hydrodynamics division at BMT Defence Services covers naval and commercial vessel assessment and optimisation for efficiency, operability and regulatory compliance.

BMT's large database of physical test results combined with expert knowledge allow us to support preliminary design through to final design validation, be this for new designs or modifications to existing vessels.

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Hull Design

BMT Defence Services have extensive experience in hull design, optimisation and assessment service for naval and commercial vessels, including fast patrol craft, offshore patrol vessels (OPVs), destroyers, frigates, tankers, bulkcarriers, LNG vessels, containerships, survey vessels, workcraft and cruise liners.

Our expertise covers hull form development, appendage design, design optimisation and model test validation. Using BMT's in-house hullform database and tools such as CFD programs, we analyse and interpret results in order to specify optimum dimensions or to increase vessel efficiencies. We identify reduced resistance and improved prolusion while maintaining good cavitation, noise and erosion characteristics.

In-service Hydrodynamic Performance

In-service performance data can be collected, analysed and normalised to a standard condition in order to assess a ship’s performance. BMT can also evaluate the influence of external factors such as hull or propeller condition (fouling) or weather conditions (wind and waves) on the in-service performance. This information can be used to develop speed loss models which assist on decisions such as which route to operate the vessel on and what the expected fuel consumption should be, as input to voyage planning systems, or to develop more effective power margin/management policies for both new build and in-service vessels.

Trials Services

BMT Defence Services is able to prepare, conduct and analyse the results of progressive speed trials in order to obtain precise assessment of performance over the ship life and compare this with the predicted performance. This can be done for both new build vessels at the start of life or partway through the life of the vessel to check the performance and the effect of retro-fit propulsion devices or vessel treatments.

As an independent company, BMT is able to review and assess shipyards speed trial results. We can attend the trial to witness and review the results on behalf of the owner in order to provide independent assessment that performance requirements have been achieved.

Green Shipping

BMT Defence Services has been working in the area of green shipping for many years and our capabilities and experience includes both improving the performance of existing vessels and also designing new vessels to meet exacting fuel efficiency and EEDI requirements.

For existing vessels BMT is able to analyse in-service data to develop operational guidelines, such as optimum trim and power/speed policies, or review and model test retro-fit energy saving devices. Recent work has included full-scale ship trial evaluation of such a device.

For new vessels, BMT is able to review the entire ship design process, which can include a review of the vessel dimensions as well as the hull design, propeller design and engine selection. In this way a design which will give minimum through life fuel consumption, maximum fleet profitability and minimum CO2 emissions and will ensure that the vessel meets the EEDI requirements can be developed.

Alternatively, we can use our expertise to review third party green ship designs, which can range from a simple review of the offering through to a full independent audit of the hydrodynamic design process, including attending key model test or full scale ship trials.

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