A RN support tanker based on BMT’s concept design, called AEGIR replenishes at sea a Type45 warship

Naval Design and Engineering

From concept design to plan approval, BMT Defence Services designs whole ship platforms for both government agencies and shipyards.

Using integrated teams of many naval design disciplines, our recent work includes the QEC Aircraft Carrier, the MARS tanker for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, RFA Argus and the Canadian Joint Support Ship.

Structural Design, Analysis and Verification | Platform Life Extension and Disposal Support | Hullform Design and Optimisation |  Performance Predictions and Model Tests | Feasibility Assessments and Options Analysis | Technical Assurance

Structural Design, Analysis and Verification

To produce solutions to in-service problems or create new designs, BMT's structural engineers design and analyse structures using hand calculations, in-house tools and proprietary finite element analysis packages. We apply Classifications Society Rules, industry and military standards to our work with submarines, surface ships and other structures, such as pontoons and gangways. BMT also conduct work in support of structural certification including the production of Structural Design Disclosure Documents and condition surveys.

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Platform Life Extension and Disposal Support

Using experience gained from supporting client asset life extension decisions, BMT Defence Services has developed a structured framework to assess viability of both the ships for life extension and the owners’ management systems to manage aging ships safely. In addition to surveying and assessing the material state of the ships and their systems, BMT engineers use the framework to conduct a logical investigation of the plans to manage the assets safely and successfully through the life extension period, identifying associated risks for the production of a focussed LIFEX management plan.

Hullform Design and Optimisation

BMT offers cost-effective hull design, optimisation and assessment services for naval and commercial vessels. Our expertise covers hull form development, appendage design, design optimisation and model test validation for vessels including:

  • fast patrol craft
  • offshore patrol vessels (OPVs)
  • destroyers
  • frigates
  • tankers
  • bulkcarriers
  • NG vessels
  • containerships
  • survey vessels
  • workcraft and cruise liners

Using our in-house hullform database and tools such as CFD programmes, BMT analyse and interpret results to specify optimum dimensions or to increase vessel efficiencies through reduced resistance and improved prolusion, while maintaining good cavitation, noise and erosion characteristics.

Performance Predictions and Model Tests

BMT's hydrodynamic performance assessments for new ship designs use our in-house capabilities for:

  • preliminary resistance and propulsion
  • seakeeping and manoeuvring performance assessments
  • undertaking CFD modelling for vessel design refinement 

We are experienced in managing ship model testing programmes at a range of European tank testing facilities. These include resistance, self-propulsion, propeller cavitation, manoeuvring and seakeeping tests. This enables smooth progression to be made from preliminary desktop based ship performance estimates at early concept stage, to hydrodynamic design refinement and detailed model testing programmes prior to ship build. 

BMT also work as independent hydrodynamics experts to investigate and refine ship hydrodynamics to ensure that they are operating efficiently and economically.

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Sea Trials and Ship Surveys

BMT provide a range of services as a Recognised Organisation of the MOD Naval Authority or at the request of vessel owners. From localised area surveys to complete condition surveys and inclining experiments, we can determine whether items meet regulations or have the desired capability. Our professional engineers can survey structures following damage, wastage/corrosion or to assess load bearing capability in addition to periodical structural and watertight integrity surveys. BMT also undertake pre and post condition surveys following refit work, as well as providing onsite superintendent and post work completion sign-off services.

Feasibility Assessments and Options Analysis

Product life cycle feasibility assessments and options studies explore the insertion of capability into existing assets, new capability deployment or identifying fleet sizes and costs to define the solutions space during the pre-concept design stage. BMT reviews and draws out key capability requirements with customers so that example solutions can be developed and opportunities for use identified. Available procurement routes and associated production costs are then investigated, from which whole life cost models can be generated. Viable options are then down selected using cost capability, trade offs or multi-criteria decision techniques, allowing operating costs to be spread amongst multiple owners. 

Technical Assurance

From concept design to in-service material state surveys, technical assurance gives owners and operators peace of mind that platforms comply with key requirements and standards across applications such as design assurance, product assurance and engineering policy. As members of the Naval Ship Assurance Support Service (NSASS), an alliance of the MOD, BMT Defence Services and Lloyd’s Register EMEA, we also assist in the application and improvement of the framework for naval ship specifications, standards and assurance.

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