Agile Development

BMT provides an agile software development service, ensuring that the methodology suits the customer needs and is applicable to the size and scale of the project.

We use the Scrum framework on many projects - the process initially involves producing a product backlog of user stories (requirements).

BMT adopts an iterative process to software development whereby the customer is able to continually assess and provide feedback on the latest development at any stage during the project life-cycle.  We use the Scrum framework on many projects - the process initially involves producing a product backlog of user stories (requirements).  We break user stories down into sprints (typically 2 weekly) and hold sprint planning and review meetings at the start and end of each sprint. At BMT we seek to involve the customer in the agile process as much as possible - typically ensuring a customer takes on the product owner role.  Throughout sprints we hold daily scrum (stand-up) meetings - involving all applicable project stakeholders (including the scrum master, developers and testers).


BMT adopt software development practices such as Continuous Integration (CI) and Test Driven Development (TDD) on applicable projects to ensure a high level of quality is applied throughout the development cycle.

For all web-based software development projects BMT provide secure, on-line application development demonstrations (via a secure web URL) to enable  customers to continually review current development progress and ensure feedback can be provided as frequently as possible.  This method is effective and complimentary in addition to regular face-to-face meetings.  In addition, BMT also host and provide User Working Groups to help elicit requirements and requirement amendments and gain further feedback to feed into the agile process.

A benefit of BMT's agile development approach is that it is incremental and aligns a software solution with the customers' continuously changing needs much more closely than a 'big bang' approach - this ensures a much higher probability of project success and lessens the level of project risk.  In addition, our agile service helps ensure a process of continuous improvement through regular stakeholder feedback.

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