Simulation, Modelling and Serious Gaming

BMT's 3D Modelling capability enables us to network simulation solutions for test, evaluation and training environments, while utilising COTS technology and software innovations to support and deliver within your programme.

BMT offers the integration of its 3D modelling capability into serious gaming simulation engines with head-mounted display systems such as the Oculus Rift. Using simulation engines such as VBS2 and Unity amongst others, BMT can network your simulation and support all manner of scenarios from training to test and evaluation of concepts and Human Factors Integration.  Fit For Fidelity ‘walkthroughs’ of new platforms, such as surface ships or vehicles, has been a natural progression from BMT’s pedigree of designing ships and submarines.

BMT invest heavily in research and development (R&D) and provide a service to customers’ that focuses on the output of your simulation: whether technical development of a platform or for learning through training, BMT can create, deliver and support you through the lifecycle of your programme.  Utilising COTS technology and software innovations, BMT can operate across Live/Virtual/Constructive areas - supporting bespoke small applications to larger networked simulations.

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