Systems Engineering

Clear objectives and priorities are pivotal to systems engineering. BMT use proven processes, tools and complex domain experience to engage stakeholders and Defence Lines of Development from the outset, tailoring our service to customer requirement.

Systems Engineering

Requirements Engineering | System Architecture and Analysis |  Streamline Capability Delivery | Acceptance Planning and Management

Requirements Engineering

Requirements engineering covers the discovery, analysis, negotiation and definition of user and system requirements in order to identify specific capability needs.

BMT's comprehensive approach identifies and defines all aspects of a system to help clients avoid unplanned cost increases and time delays.

We combine this systematic approach with software systems and architecture framework to develop robust requirements, specifications and systems that create a structured and auditable base on which to make clear, concise and speedy decisions towards delivery.

System Architecture and Analysis

BMT offer a full systems analysis and architecture design capability applying a holistic approach to successfully analyse and implement all aspects of a system. Using a number of tools and techniques, BMT can analyse systems in order to understand them from every point of view, encompassing strategic, organisational, operational and physical aspects, and produce outputs to simplify them. With a single integrated process, BMT helps clients to understand and address the many aspects which increase complexity, including new technologies, differing stakeholder requirements, reliance on embedded software, safety issues and integration.

Streamline Capability Delivery

Delivering operationally effective capability is centred on the ability to combine approach, method and the required skill set. This manner of comprehensive thinking ensures that all areas of the project are considered upfront, risks are identified and planned for, issues are resolved, and assumptions are realistic and justified. This approach enables a more agile and flexible approach and a higher value of integrated military capability delivery, resulting in project risk reduction and minimal cost.

At BMT we take an objective approach from concept to disposal, working in line with the Defence Values for Acquisition. Each process is tailored to specific requirements utilising our far-reaching experience to identify key deliverables.

Acceptance Planning and Management

Acceptance of complex military equipment is a complicated task. BMT Defence Services has adopted the authoritative guidance for acceptance contained in the MOD’s Acquisition Operating Framework to tailor to specific needs of each project. We identify the applicable standards, the stakeholders for acceptance activities, risks to cost, quality and capability, and the key evidence required to inform acceptance decisions.

Developing the acceptance strategy to address both equipment and Defence Lines of Defence (DLoDs), we manage trials, resources and facilities and produce robust Integrated Test Evaluation and Acceptance Plans (ITEAP) and key documentation.