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Technical Assurance

Technical Assurance from BMT Defence Services provides peace of mind that platforms are safe to operate and comply with key requirements and standards including design assurance, product assurance, design change and engineering policy.

BMT are members of the Naval Ship Assurance Support Service (NSASS), an alliance of the MOD, BMT Defence Services and Lloyd’s Register EMEA. NSASS is designed to assist in the application of and improve the framework for naval ship specifications, standards and assurance. BMT Defence Services are the Prime Contractor for the Naval Authority Industry Alliance (NAIA). The NAIA is an Alliance of 9 companies working collaboratively to deliver a wide range of engineering and technical services to the Naval Authority Group (NAG) and the wider Maritime Domain.

Design Assurance | Product Assurance | Engineering Policy and Project Assurance

Design Assurance

Offering an independent design review service that identifies issues and reduces risk at an early stage in the design process, BMT Defence Services can increase confidence in vessel performance by helping operators get it right first time. Our independence from manufacturing interests means that we can provide impartial insight and judgement on design assessments.

We assess and assure projects from inception and throughout their lifecycle, balancing requirements to make vessels compatible with overall risk and budget and ensuring compliance with regulations thanks to BMT's extensive knowledge of applicable standards.

Product Assurance

Assuring in-service platforms against their designed capability and the continuation of their through-life assurance guarantees that products perform correctly throughout their service life. Our in-service product support can be undertaken directly for owners or on behalf of overseeing authorities in BMT's capacity as a recognised organisation. We offer services such as:

  • watertight integrity and structural surveys
  • trials support, escape and evacuation provision
  • decommissioning status
  • results interpretation
  • solution development

Engineering Policy and Project Assurance

Our experience with regulatory and advisory frameworks allow us to apply comprehensive engineering policy to your programme and deliver project assurance. The frameworks includes the application of requirements, regulations, specifications and standards. The guidance BMT offer enable technical reviews of projects, ensures that policies are implemented and facilates end-to-end project management.

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