Technology Management

Technology Management

Gaining a clear understanding of project and technology risk, whilst identifying, exploiting and managing technology opportunities is a challenge for many companies in the fast-moving world of today.

BMT Defence Services provides independent technology management advice using specially developed systems to meet the needs of our clients. This includes technology watch, market surveys, option analysis, horizon scanning, maturity and exploitation management, roadmapping and web-enabled visualisation tools.

Technology Lifecycle Management | Technical Documentation

Technology Lifecycle Management

Assessment of technology readiness, and a failure to undertake technology management to correctly identify all technical risks, can affect the integration of technologies into projects and programmes.

By monitoring possible technologies, planning and managing the most effective exploitation route, technology management can produce the supporting technical evidence needed for a successful business plan and ultimate project delivery.

As an example, BMT's TeMAP through life technology management tool combines assessment, data filtering, prediction analysis and the automated production of graphical outputs in one easy-to-use software application in order to better enable the management of existing and emerging technologies.

We monitor technology developments in order to identify opportunities for improvement, integration or exploitation and knowledge transfer options. Where no development profile exists, BMT develop schedules to mature a technology in accordance with the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale. This enables clients to identify and understand the most appropriate technology for their needs, maximising the worth of their technology investment and ensuring that the proposed technology is fit for function whilst also maximising affordability.

Technical Documentation

Supporting engineers, operators and system managers with accurate information appropriate to the level of expertise can generate and provide through-life support for the management of operational, procedural, technical, maintenance and repair documentation. This can be achieved by producing full suites of technical documentation to the latest industrial and military publication standards, or by developing Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs) and implementing ‘intelligent authoring’ to prevent misinterpretation and eliminate ambiguous information.

BMT offer services for all types of applications, including illustrations, 2D/3D drawings, and 3D static and interactive models, for inclusion in, or to substantiate any technical documentation requirements.

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