Conference Papers

  • BMT Concept Designs

    Conference Papers about BMT Defence Services' concept designs, including the Aegir family of fleet tankers, Caimen Landing Crafts and the Vidar family of submarine designs.

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  • Future Submarine and Ship Design

    Positioned at the forefront of naval design, BMT Defence Services' Conference Papers offer insight and forethought on the future landscape of the naval domain.

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  • BMT Disciplines and Services

    BMT Defence Services house a wealth of knowledge in naval design and engineering disciplines including technical assurance, technology management and architectural modelling.

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  • Power and Propulsion Studies

    BMT Defence Services is known for our expertise in the field of power and propulsion presentating regular papers at conferences and exhibitions worldwide.

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  • Energy Conservation and Fuel Consumption

    Energy conservation and fuel consumption are topical issues within the naval domain. As a result BMT Defence Services has presented research and studies at many conferences and exhibitions.

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