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BMT provide acquisition strategy, technology management, design support & assessment, requirements, acceptance & trials management, project, risk & schedule management, and technical documentation services across all Defence Lines of Development.

Acquisition Strategy and Support

BMT customers are provided with robust consultant engineering support across all our land acquisition projects. This enables us to work with you in a systems approach to streamline capabilities, minimise through life costs and demonstrate agility and flexibility in project delivery across all Defence Lines of Development (DLoDs). BMT do this by:

  • Focussed definition and management of user and system requirements for comprehensive specifications.
  • Robust planning of all project stages including risk management, issue resolution and pragmatic goal setting.
  • Auditable architecture frameworks providing critical assurance, collaborative development and robust decision making.
  • Adherence to authoritative guidance and standards to develop acceptance strategies, and progress test evaluation, directly addressing capability acceptance.

Technical Services

BMT’s technology development and exploitation management services provide tailored impartial analysis and advice to identify, evaluate and recommend technical solutions to meet investment requirements across all DLoDs; offering robust market foresight. BMT do this by:

  • Comprehensive technology assessments, including product and market surveys. This allows you to make informed decisions to maximise functionality and affordability, while minimising technical and integration risks with your technology investment.
  • Capability, platform, equipment and strategic-centric roadmap production to provide clear evidence based option analysis and decision making.

Design Support

BMT customers are provided with comprehensive systems analysis and architecture design support based on strategic, organisational, operational and physical investigation of systems within the land environment.  We understand that new technologies, complex stakeholder requirements, integration, support and safety issues are all concerns of our customers. As a result,  our pragmatic approach and extensive experience allow you to mitigate unforeseen costs and prevent delivery delays. BMT do this by:

  • Concept analysis and development, modelling and simulation allowing optimum systems architecture, advanced design justification and risk mitigation.
  • Design integration and comprehensive project and capability management, offering optimised solutions through the management of complex systems.
QE class aircraft carrier showing a Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing (STOVL) configuration

Acquisition Support at BMT

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