Large photograph of Submarine Academy students in front of a submarine

BMT Submarine Academy Delegates

The BMT Submarine Academy accelerates the development of early career stage entrants to BMT and the skills of more experienced personnel from other domains and backgrounds.

Core Delegates

Predominantly graduates, core delegates are new entrants to the naval engineering domain with little or no previous submarine experience.

Discipline Delegates

BMT staff largely working in domains other than submarines. These delegates have specialist transversal knowledge and wish to develop their submarine knowledge to provide a deeper pool of skills for periods of high demand.

Domain Delegates

BMT staff with submarine knowledge. These delegates wish to upskill their knowledge in other disciplines.

  • Core Delegate: Lucy Santini, Naval Architect

    "The Submarine Academy is comprised of a vast pool of courses that exposed me to different aspects of submarine design, operation and support.

    Lectures are given by Senior Principal Engineers with years of experience in the field and first hand involvement with the designs of several classes. 

    The skills and knowledge gained have enabled me to start work on submarine related projects and consequently make a positive contribution to the BMT Submarine Team."

  • Domain Delegate: Matthew Palmer, Naval Engineer

    "The Submarine Academy enabled me to broaden my knowledge in areas I hadn’t worked in the past and wouldn’t usually be expected to work in the future. 

    The modules have clear goals and the Senior Principal Engineers are keen to impart their knowledge and experience on Delegates.

    Having awareness of other systems means I have a better understanding of wider project goals and an understanding of system interaction."

  • Discipline Delegate: Matthew Carter, Naval Architect

    "Being a Discipline Delegate allows me to fit my studies alongside day to day tasks in the Ship Structures Team at BMT Defence Services.

    Since joining the Submarine Academy I've been fortunate enough to participate in visits to HMS Courageous and the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport. However, the highlight has been attending the nine-week University College London Submarine Design and Acquisition course.

    The skills and knowledge gained have led to a successful application for a three month placement at the Submarine Naval Design Partnership team where I am working on concept designs for the Royal Navy's future submarine capability."